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Property Management Pros is a Business Model that is better than a franchise. We have a complete system that is designed to help you successfully establish a Property Management Company and hit the ground running. Find out why so many Real Estate Professionals have chosen to license with us!

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Finding the Right Property Management Customers for You

May 13, 2019

The world is full of potential customers, and to have a successful business, you want all of them, right? Not exactly. There are good customers and bad customers, and every business will distinguish them differently: a “bad” customer for your business may be perfect for someone else’s—and vice versa. Having […]

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Connecting With Your Contacts: How Much is Too Much?

May 6, 2019

When you create sales emails, one of the questions you have to ask yourself is, “How many of these do I need?” How often should you be contacting your prospects? It’s important to stay at the front of their minds—and equally important not to irritate or inconvenience them with too […]

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Six Steps to Effectively Working Leads Through Your Sales Funnel

April 29, 2019

When your job relies on turning leads into sales, the process of actually working those individuals through your sales funnel can feel overwhelming. Your success in the industry is entirely reliant on how much time and effort you put into crafting lead generation and management techniques– it’s understandable that the […]

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Everything You Need to Know About Property Management Lead Qualification

April 16, 2019

If you are looking to start your own property management business and purchase a business license, you should be familiar with lead qualification and how it will help your marketing strategy. A lead is someone that could potentially become a client. They’re more likely to rent one of your apartments […]

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How Lead Quality Plays Into Your Sales Process

April 8, 2019

Most businesses rely on leads to generate their sales, and property management is no different. Leads are customers who contact you through various channels for more information. They start at the top of your sales funnel, working through the sales process until they become a paying customer. Leads can come […]

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Property Management Sales Terminology You Must Know

April 3, 2019

Successfully selling your property management services involves finding prospects, identifying the common problems that plague property managers, and offering your services at competitive prices. But in order to effectively market and advertise your services, you should be familiar with pertinent property management sales terminology. Failure to know these important terms will […]

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[10 Steps] How to start your very own Property Management Business

March 30, 2019

How to become a Property Manager Jumping into the property management business can be a great way to earn low-effort income or even become a passive business owner. In this guide we are going to go into depth on how to get started owning your very own property management business. […]

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3 Strategies to Help You Market Your Property Management Company

March 18, 2019

As a property manager, finding the right clients is crucial for your success. You need a constant stream of clients and plenty of properties to manage. Property management is a numbers game. Since you’ll likely be working on tight margins to stay competitive, securing just a few additional clients can […]

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Costs of Starting a Property Management Company

March 13, 2019

While you are in the planning stages of starting your own property management company, you most likely are trying to keep costs down. In many industries and situations, this means employing as many DIY tactics as possible. Although this might seem like the best solution on the surface, the do-it-yourself […]

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Our Property Management Business Startup Checklist

March 5, 2019

Now is a fantastic time to get into the property management business. According to the industry experts, this year rentals will be on the rise. The reason for the increase is that mortgage interest rates are due to rise again this year making some people hesitant about buying a home. […]

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