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Property Management Pros is a Business Model that is better than a franchise. We have a complete system that is designed to help you successfully establish a Property Management Company and hit the ground running. Find out why so many Real Estate Professionals have chosen to license with us!

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This is how to use social media to grow your property management business

February 13, 2019

Social media is a great promotional vehicle. It’s relatively inexpensive and the overwhelming majority of Americans use it. In the U.S. alone, 77% of the population participates in some form of social media. That makes it a great avenue for property managers to use to get in front of their target […]

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Start your own property management business [5 Steps]

February 8, 2019

Are you thinking about starting a property management company? It’s a growing industry with room for ambitious, hard-working people who want to own their own business. According to, the¬†property management industry was worth more than 12 billion dollars¬†in 2017. That number could rise to an incredible $22 billion in […]

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Do you need to hit the books to become a sucessful property manager?

January 29, 2019

Needing a place to live is consistent regardless of the economy. Property management will always be a necessity. That’s one big reason why it’s such a great industry to work in. But you need the right credentials and education to work as a property manager. As with any profession, you […]

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6 Basic Tips to become a Successful Property Manager

January 23, 2019

Property managers serve as intermediaries between landlords and renters. Your job involves much more than simply looking after properties and filling vacancies. To be successful, you must be organized, have good people skills, pay close attention to details and possess other skills. Are you just getting started in property management, […]

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A day in the life of a property manager

January 17, 2019

So you think you want to become a property manager, here you will find the day to day of what your new business could look like. Are you just getting up early to watch the monthly income flow through your bank account or is this something more? But what exactly […]

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How to Choose the Right Property Management Niche

January 11, 2019

Making the leap into property managemetn is profitable. So, why not get your slice of the pie? You need to choose a property management niche. There are three main types single-family, multi-family, and commercial. Each niche has its own set of benefits. But which one is most beneficial to you? […]

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Raising Your Rental Rate: 5 Big Reasons to Hire a Property Manager

December 7, 2018

Are you a homeowner that rents out your house? Are you wondering how to go about raising rent for a tenant? Here are 5 big reasons to consider hiring the pros. 74.4% of rental properties are owned by individuals instead of companies. That means that the majority of rental properties […]

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5 Reasons You Need to Perform a Background Check If You’re Renting Out Your Home

November 19, 2018

Are you a homeowner that’s about to rent out their house? Before you sign a contract, see these reasons why a background check for renters is necessary. This is the age of the renter. In fact, there are more renters now than there have ever been in history. It’s also […]

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4 Important Maintenance Jobs for That Can Prevent Huge Problems for Rental Properties

October 22, 2018

Do you own rental properties? If so, you can probably relate to the pit in your stomach you get when receiving those dreaded calls from tenants who report problems. Usually, it’s the minor stuff that leads to bigger issues. It’s important to take care of those little problems before they […]

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Do You Inspect Your Rental Properties?

October 8, 2018

Inspections Are Time Consuming For Landlords: Part of a landlord’s job is to keep the home they rent out in good shape for the next tenant. That means that the landlord will have to inspect the properties that are being rented out on a regular basis. While inspections a necessary […]

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