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Property Management Pros is a Business Model that is better than a Property Management Franchise. We have a complete system that is designed to help you successfully establish a Property Management Company, and hit the ground running. Find out why so many Real Estate Professionals have chosen Property Management Pros!

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Meet the Team!

GregBabbitt-1 March 18, 2015

Property Management Pros continues to experience growth and you could be a part of it all. When you team up with us, these are the experts behind you. Greg Babbitt – President   Greg is a second-generation Real Estate Agent & Property Manager. After graduating from Ohio State University in […]

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On The Fence? Rent vs. Buy A Home

Screen Shot 2014-10-23 at 12.07.08 PM October 23, 2014

We think this fun infographic is a great way to walk you through the decision process of renting vs. buying your next home. We opt for RENTING and here’s a few reasons why! 

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Property Owners: How To Compete With New Rentals

competition_advantage October 7, 2014

As the generation of millennials start to make more of a presence in the real estate market, it’s no surprise to find that the share of new homes and complexes being used as rental apartments are at its highest level in decades. And while this is great news and a […]

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Fall Is Here! Are You Ready?

90ff198a197443fbcf777360015b7937 September 23, 2014

Happy First Day Of Autumn! Let’s get down to it… time to prep for the colder weather! About this time of the year we start to bring out the comfy sweaters, scarves, jackets and gloves. It’s a mix of excitement and hesitation, but everyone goes through it and the sooner […]

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Home Improvement Projects: The Biggest Bang For Your Buck

Home-Remodeling-El-Centro-CA September 8, 2014

Previously, we’ve found that there are some home improvement projects that aren’t the best choice if you plan to sell your home in the future. When you consider what a potential home buyer would prefer, you can easily find that some home improvement projects are better than others. In fact, […]

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The 5 Best Tips For Hiring A Property Manager

hiring August 25, 2014

Renting your property is not a small task, anyone who has dabbled in this investment corner of real estate knows. Especially those who choose to rent more than one property. While a great source for extra income, you know the care and maintenance required for multiple rental properties is time […]

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Home Improvement With No Bang For Your Buck

energy-efficient-home-improvement-projects August 18, 2014

In many cases, those who plan to move in the future tend to think of ways to increase their home’s value so they can sell it for top dollar. That’s not a bad idea, however there are a whole slew of projects many choose to invest their time, money, and energy that won’t […]

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family-budget-meeting-300x199 July 29, 2014

With every new beginning, many find they have the opportunity to re-evaluate how they spend their money. A new year, new job, new business and other turns in life can bring you to a new home and a great chance to start using your money more efficiently. You yourself decide what […]

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Be a Pro with the Pros!

Businessman in front of bookcase July 16, 2014

If you are considering investing in real estate, turning your home into a rental, or are looking for property management services for your real estate portfolio, You’ve come to the right place! Property Management Pros specializes in the management and rental of nicer, single family homes in areas all over […]

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Risk Management for Property Managers.

Corp03_thumb_061914 June 19, 2014

Risk management can mean different things according what what field you’re in, and specifically for property managers, it can vary widely between operational and contractual risks. Overall, risk management means taking concern and preventative actions for these risks to avoid consequences to the property manager’s business. One thing is certain, […]

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