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6 Reasons You Should Have a Property Management Company Market Your Home

So, you’re planning to move. Maybe you got a new job and the step up means you can move to a bigger home. Or maybe your family is growing and that means you need more room. The opposite may be the case. Your children may be grown now and you want to downsize to something smaller so that it’s less upkeep. Whatever the reasons, it’s always exciting moving to a new home.

You understand that renting out your home is the wisest choice since it gives you a steady stream of income. This offsets your new mortgage – now that’s smart. However, marketing your current home alone is another story. You want to get the best rental amount out of it as possible. The economy is ripe right now. Unemployment is down, consumer confidence is up, surely it’s a good time to get top dollar for rental income. That may be true. However, here are 6 reasons you shouldn’t market your property all on your own but hire a property manager instead.



A property manager has the technological tools to help you rent your property more efficiently. Specialized property management software aids in the speedy rental of your home. In addition, these tools help determine the appropriate price for your rent. That way you don’t undercut yourself. Asking the right amount helps move it fast at the highest rate. Our tools will help determine the best price.



As licensed property managers, we have access to hundreds of rental sites. Our network of rental sites means your home is blasted across multiple sites and seen by more people. We can reach more people with less time and hassle. People from across the country who are relocating to the area will see your home for rent before they would if you try to market the home yourself.


In-house Copywriters

You know the wonderful aspects of your home, all the work you put into it, and the many special touches that make it a great home to rent. A well-written ad highlighting the beauties of your home will gain the attention of viewers. You need not worry about how to word it, property management copywriters have experience in the business of marketing. They will bring out the hidden features of your home you may have overlooked. They know what renters are looking for and what sells.


Experienced Realtors

When it comes time to work a deal, you want top realtors with experience in the field to negotiate the best price for your home. Potential renters tend to take experienced realtors more seriously and are willing to pay what your home is worth. A realtor negotiates the price up whereas when dealing with the homeowner, renters often attempt to get the price down.


Less hassle

You have a busy schedule and marketing a home is a job. You have to meet with people, sometimes with little notice. Most homeowners may not have the extra time to devote to the task. When you put your home in the hands of a property management company, it’s less hassle for you. You can rest easy knowing they are on the job.


Ongoing relationship

When you start a relationship with a property management company, you can continue the relationship and ease the load of renting your home. A management company will take care of the collection, maintenance, and much more. This frees you up to simply sit back and collect the monthly money. It’s a relationship worth developing.


If you are thinking of renting out your home, connect with Property Management Pros. With years of experience, we market your home with ease. 

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