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How to BYOB – “Be Your Own Boss”


Are you a young entrepreneur? Wondering if you have the skills it takes to succeed as a property manager?

Some people are hard-wired as entrepreneurs, and are bound for financial freedom and business success. They have the right mentality, drive, and ambition to make it in this world!

Would you like to BYOB – be your own boss? There’s more to consider than the hypothetical financial success you dream of. If you are considering starting your own property management company – take a look at the following:

Skills Needed to Succeed in Property Management:

Flexibility & Time Management Skills. Do you have a good track record of managing your schedule? Effective time management skills, and the ability to multi-task along with having a flexible attitude is highly important in this profession.

Excellent Business Savvy. Your enthusiastic and often contagious attitude is, unfortunately, not enough to make it as a business owner! Do you know the rules to play by, and are you committed to learning? Commit to learning from peers and always pursue more education to stay on top.

Great Management skills. Can you get along with anyone, despite different personalities? Are you focused on getting the job done, with the ability to see the “Big Picture,” even when small things crowd your day? Problem solving skills are crucial to this business: how you react when problems arise with tenants, landlords, maintenance, or other employees (which they can do frequently!)

Vision & Value. Do you value excellent customer service? Have a vision for what you want to accomplish in your property management business, and focus on offering great service. Success will follow!

Join the Pros:

 If you are an entrepreneur considering starting your own property management company, consider starting with Property Management Pros! We have a tried & true system in place, with all the marketing material and support you need to get started and stay moving. Bring your business savvy and entrepreneurial drive – we take care of the rest!

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