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…Don’t you love it when social media headlines suck you in? You read a catchy line, and before you know it, you’re clicking to see: “What was so funny?!”

Don’t you wish your online property listings could be just as irresistible?

Marketing your rental property on line is the fastest and easiest way to get your property in front of thousands. We know this. But, because everyone else does too, your property listing can easily get buried. So how do you make it stand out when you consider readers are quickly scanning lots of homes for rent online?

Improve your online property listings & get your property rented FAST!

Tip #1: Write a Catchy Headline.

Your headline is your first impression readers will have of your property. You want to be attention grabbing, enticing, and memorable.  Try promoting a specific feature of the house: “You won’t believe this finished basement.” “A kitchen-lovers dream.” “Try NOT to Fall in Love with this Fireplace.” Add key benefits beyond just features of the property: “2 Bedroom, Spacious Home in Family Friendly Neighborhood!” “Bright 1 bedroom, Only 2 Blocks from Campus!”

Tip #2: Use High Quality Photos.
Consider the photos that will best sell the property and entice renters. What will make them want to call you, NOW? Keep the photos well lit, clutter free, and take extra steps to showcase key aspects like the interior of closets, cupboards, or quality hardware details.

Tip #3: Include All the Details Online.
While it may seem like a lengthy process to write out all the key details in your listing, it is even more time consuming to answer repeated calls, going over common features of the home. Do yourself a favor, and include all the information online so you can save time and answer the calls for promising leads only.

Taking a little more time up front to improve your listings can increase your exposure two fold and get your property filled quicker!

The Pros Do it All for You!

Property Management Pros have so many tools at their disposal to take care of everything for the renting of your property. You can join the ranks and find success with the Property Management Pros Business too! Learn more about starting your own Property Management Pros business today:

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