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Top Picks of Where to go for Valentines Day in Columbus

Valentine’s Day is the one day a year that couples celebrate their connection. Dedicating the day to sharing joy and rebuilding connection with your partner in life is a way to celebrate the commitment. Of course, the pressure to make the day memorable adds additional pressure that leads to feeling overwhelmed in planning something amazing. Don’t worry, making Valentine’s Day an amazing adventure that is sure to spark the magic touch is right at your fingertips. Below are some tips to ensure the day shines brightly.

The first stop is JP’s Valentine’s Day dinner and plane ride adventure. Each year, JP’s hosts a Valentine’s BBQ that features dinner, karaoke, and even a plane ride. Cost per couple starts at $179 dollars. They even offer lower rates for couples that just want to join the party atmosphere.

Another adventure to explore is found at the Franklin Park Conservatory and Botanical Garden. The conservatory offers a nature infused adventure to explore and enjoy being a couple. The sights and sounds bring any couple to life with the unexpected. Explore the conservatory and discover the exhibitions, cafe, and hot shop that provides demonstrations by master glass-blowers. In February, the conservatory even offers a hand’s-on cooking demonstration to bring a couple even closer together. Those who cook together, stay together.

German Village is another must see adventure that brings a historic vision to life while strolling hand-in-hand on brick sidewalks. Antique shops, water fountains, and beautiful historic homes will capture your attention. However, German Village also boasts of one of Columbia’s top ten restaurants, Lindsey’s. Enjoy the romantic New York bistro cuisine while sitting among white linen and hardwood floors. Sure to make any Valentine’s Day special.

For those couples looking for an overnight retreat, Ravenwood Castle is a must. Come explore a romantic getaway where every room is a new adventure. At Ravenwood Castle you can stay in King Arthur’s Suite, Rapunzel’s Tower, or even The Duke’s Dungeon. Each room will take your retreat to another level of fun and adventure. They offer an on site dining option; however, many other fine restaurants are also available in the area.

If a couple is looking forward to stepping away from life for a moment to just enjoy being together, Hideaway Country Inn is the perfect spot. Imagine playing a life-sized game of chess or relaxing in a hammock built for two. They offer romantic packages guaranteed to bring back a spark to your relationship. Many of these packages offer couples massage therapy, romantic meals, roses, and extended check-out hours so you can linger in your retreat. If your goal is to completely infuse a relationship with romance and playful banter, then Hideaway Country Inn is a great choice.

For the wine connoisseur couple, Columbus Ohio offers a wide range of wineries that offer venues for couples to enjoy relaxing together while sharing their passion for wine. You can either find your favorite winery and linger or explore the many options nearby. Some of the wineries even offer dining options.

Now perhaps enjoying an exquisite steak in a fine atmosphere is more appealing to your Valentine’s Day pallet. Columbus offers an excellent range of fine dining to fulfill that need. The Top Steak House, The Claremont, Eddie’s Merlot, and Mitchell’s Steakhouse offer an amazing range of steaks guaranteed to meet the expectations of most steak connoisseurs. However, be sure to make plans because these restaurants are always in high demand.

For the nature enthusiastic couple, the Grange Insurance Audubon Center offers a unique adventure to explore the outdoors. Bring a romantic lunch to share and spend the day looking for birds and walking along trails designed to relax.

Many options are available in Columbus to make your Valentine’s Day memorial and enjoyable. Be creative, think about what you most want to achieve during your special day, then dazzle your significant other with your thoughtfulness in finding a memorable, romantic way to spend the day. For more tipsĀ contact us.

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