How it works

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1. Simple Start

It’s simple! We work with you to get your property rent-ready and help you make customized selections from our list of à la carte services.

2. 30-Day Guarantee

We expertly market your property and guarantee to have a tenant secured within 30 days. Our marketing efforts include:

  • Placing ads on third-party websites
  • Getting the word out through our network of local realtors
  • Conducting open houses

3. Perfect Tenant

We thoroughly review each applicant’s background check, credit check and past resident check. Plus, we investigate whether the tenant had any claims against a previous landlord. All of this is to make sure we find the perfect tenant for your property.

4. Online Portal

With your permission, we select a tenant! During the onboarding process, we get both you and the new tenant logged into our convenient online portal where they can make their payments, and you can view the incoming money. The portal also allows you both to view paperwork, maintenance requests and your respective property agreements.

5. Monthly Income

All that’s left for you to do is sit back, relax and collect your new monthly income.

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